CEO – Exceed Academies Trust: Mr. Duncan Jacques
Acting Headteacher: Mrs Saima Bahadur
Horton Park Primary School, Dawnay Road,
Canterbury, Bradford, BD5 9LQ

Horton Park Primary – Sports Premium Funding Plan 2019 – 2020

School Values

  1. All in our school community are continually learning, valued and respected
  2. We broaden horizons and explore opportunities to enable positive life choices
  3. We use our resources ambitiously and responsibly

Reasons for PE/Sport

  1. Strength, mobility, endurance
  2. Healthy lifestyle including weight control (anti-obesity)
  3. Social skills and fun!

Funding Use

  1. Broaden our provision
  2. Train staff for sustainability
  3. Consolidate existing provision

The government has provided funding solely to improve the quality of sport and PE for all children.

Sporting Provision

Within the School Day:

The Daily Mile – 15 minutes exercise each day for alertness and concentration

Weekly PE sessions – Covers the National Curriculum across the year. Sports coaches supporting 3 PE aspects

Swimming for Year 3 – Weekly – Covers National Curriculum and distance swimming

Cycling training for KS2 pupils and Balance-ability for KS1/FS – Safety and Proficiency

Beyond the School Day:

Before: Breakfast Sports/Exercise Group Lunch: Sports Activities Groups

After School: Voluntary clubs for KS1/ KS2, Inter-school competitions

Assessment of Progress in PE Children are assessed within lessons/activities and annually in the report to parents. Data is analysed for all groups of children twice a year by the subject leader

Use of Funding 2018-2019

Fund Allocated by Government (£16,000 + £10 per child – Y1-Y6): £19,600 (Total spend: £20,450)

DateActivityAge GroupProvisionCost
19/20Outdoor and Adventurous
activities support
All age groupsStaff to be coached and mentored in outdoor and adventurous activities, leading to high performances in outdoor and adventurous activities£150 per session x 5 (days) x 7 (weeks) - £5250 per annum
19/20Dance SupportAll age groupsStaff to be coached and mentored in dance teaching, leading to high performance in dance£150 per session x 5 (days) x 7 (weeks) = £5250 per annum
19/20PE Subject Leader - Consultancy SupportAll age groupsImprove teaching and on-going staff training.
Effective subject leadership / coaching. Improve planning for progression of skills
£90 per session
6 x sessions = £540
19/20Increase participation of children in organising competitive sportAll age groupsChildren to be more engaged in whole school tournaments and events. Children to have increased responsibility and a 'voice' in how competitive games are run in the school. Staff time
Relevant sport equipment - £400
19/20After School Sports Club - Alternative sportsAll age groupsTarget wider range of children, practicing new activities / sports (identify G and T students) increase participation rates£50 per session
£1800 per annum
19/20Outdoor Mentoring Learning Mentor (LM)Underperforming UKS2 pupilsImprove attitudes to learning and social skills, increasing motivation and concentration in the classroom£15 per hour x 3 hours per week - £1,710 p.a
19/20Cluster EventsTeams Y3 - 6School fully engaged in inter-school competitions.
Increase in number of tournaments
Staff time
19/20Transport for eventsTeams Y3 - 6£200 p.a
19/20Lunchtime Sports Activities (LM)All age groupsSkills development. Play / Sports leaders to further develop in role and to lead zones. Intra school competitions using sports/play leaders to be embedded at lunchtimes£15 per hour x 4 weekly - £2,280 p.a
19/20Breakfast Club Sports (LM)KS1, KS2Skills development. Increase in physical activity leading to 'school readiness' (concentration, motivation)£15 per hour x 4 weekly - £2,280 p.a
On-GoingAfter School Sports Clubs (LM)KS1, KS2Skill development. Further enhance intra and inter school competitions using higher sports leaders£15 per hour x 2 weekly - £1,140 p.a

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