CEO – Exceed Academies Trust: Mr. Duncan Jacques
Headteacher: Ms Saima Bahadur
Horton Park Primary School, Dawnay Road,
Canterbury, Bradford, BD5 9LQ

Pupil Premium Grant – Allocated Expenditure and Predicted Impact 2016/ 2017

Measuring the impact of PPG spending – The School will measure the impact of interventions by:

  • Tracking the progress of students on a termly basis.
  • Measuring the success of students at the end of each key stage, particularly key stage 2, against national measures.
  • Monitoring the support of students accessing additional need and pastoral support and reviewing provision half termly.

Funding: April 2016 – March 2017: Actual £299,400

September 2016 – March 2017: 7/12 of £299,400 (actual) = £174,650

April 2017 – July 2017: 5/12 of £299,400 (estimated) = £124,750

Autumn & Spring Term Expenditure
Summer Term Expenditure
Estimated Annual
Every Child a Reader/Writer – UPS teacher (0.6)
Y2/Y1 Intensive ‘catch –up’ individual reading programme with parental involvement and regular review with class teacher

SENDCo time to manage this (2 days per term)



8 children to complete the programme
All to make faster progress than the national average for the duration of the programme.
4 children to make 4 points progress in reading, 8 to maintain rate of progress after the programme is completed.
Strategies cascaded to class staff –plus 10 WBRI children + 2 points
Outcomes – Update July 2017:
WAVE 3 Specialist Teaching Assistant Support (0.6)

SENDCo time to manage the programme (2 days per term)





15 children to be supported individually (minimum 2 sessions/wk)
3 children with Range 3+ to make 5 points progress in R and W
7 children with Range 3+ to make 4 points progress in R and W
SEBDS support for disaffected pupils
1:1 Support, liaison with BESD service, TAC/CP and statementing processes

8 X FT Teaching Assistants 1:1 (AV, JJ, MT, CG, RBi, DD ,NI, SS) Plus 2 X PT TA (DW, JA/JH)

.25 CLM (CP/ TAC Processes)
.25 SENDco Support






All KS2 pupils motivated and accessing full curriculum
5 Boys with SEND make 4 points progress in R,W,M
Y6 1:1/Group lessons Y6 HLTA full time (before and after school)

8 x Saturday booster classes



20 Children to be allocated time-100% of targeted children to make the equivalent of 2 levels of progress from KS1 to KS2
50% of targeted children make over 2 levels of progress KS1 to KS2 (equivalent)
Lease of 2 x Minibuses to transport children (additional year group) to Swimming and extra curriculum activities
£9,310£6,650£15,960Providing access for pupils to their community and learning provisions further afield. Enabling enrichment through access to curriculum activities offsite including day visits, sporting events and residential trips.
Experienced New to English teacher (Part Time) for children with limited fluency in English
NTE teacher to work closely alongside staff to ensure continuity of provision in class between and rapid progress in Reading and Writing
Interpreters for NTE Children



5 children to continue in 2015/2016
7 children to progress 6 points or more in Reading.
6 children to progress 5 points or more in Writing.
16 children to progress 4 points or more in Reading
16 children to progress 4 points or more in Writing
Nurture Provision

2 x Learning Mentors:
1 X 50% time spent Mentoring
1 x 50% time spent Outdoor Education
1 X 100% time Mentoring

1 x Teaching Assistant - Full time






Emotional needs and pastoral support for pupils; enabling pupils the basic skills and resources to access learning and make rapid progress
7 children to progress 4 points in R,W and M
1 child (Range 3+) to progress 4 points in R,W,M
All - PSE and S&L skills to improve by 4 point scores
14 children to progress 4+ points in R,W and M
1 child (Range 3+) to progress 2+ points in R,W,M
All - PSE and S&L skills to improve by 4 point scores
6 children make accelerated progress - + 2 points on prediction
Speech, Communication and Language Therapist employed for fortnightly sessions. Action plan to maximise impact. SALT to & class staff ensure continuity of provision between sessions.£3,208£2,291£5,5009 children to review in Autumn term 2015/2016
5 children to continue 2014/2015,
R children to assess
For all children involved - S&L assessments to improve by 1 level in 2 terms
Educational Psychologist - Assessments and support in adapting personalised provision for those with most needs£4,614£3,295£7,9105 children have comprehensive assessment and access support required – progress 4 points more than previous year.
Educational Visit Contribution
School to subsidise or pay for cost of educational visits integrated into the curriculum
£6,199£6055£12,254All PPG children broaden their horizons and extend vocabulary and experience
Uniform Assistance Eligible parents provided with a £26 clothing voucher. £2,572£2,000£4,572Children to wear correct uniform at all times
Breakfast Club
(Food sponsored by Greggs)
Manager time
Mentor time
TA time
Kitchen assistant



40 children have improved health and well -being - impacting on results + 1 point on predictions
TOTALT£195,019£139,956£334,976**** £35,576 additional spending to allocation