CEO – Exceed Academies Trust: Mr. Duncan Jacques
Headteacher: Ms Saima Bahadur
Horton Park Primary School, Dawnay Road,
Canterbury, Bradford, BD5 9LQ

How would I get a place at Horton Park Primary School?

Reception Admissions at Four/Five Years Old:

Children will be admitted to Reception Class at the beginning of the academic year in which they are five, that is in September, initially part time, to aid transition from home/Nursery, building up to full time normally within two weeks. However part time may continue for longer for some children depending on educational/social needs and by agreement with parents and carers..

The school has a planned admission limit, agreed with the LEA, of 60 children for Reception, Year 1,2,3,4 and 5 and 30 children for Year 6.

The Council decide who will come in to our school by looking first at the following reasons in order:

Whether there are brothers or sisters already at the school and who will still be here when the new child comes in;

Those who live in the school’s “catchment area” for that year of intake.
(This means that the Council officer draws a shape on a map of the area around the school to include the 60 children who live nearest to our school.)

How far the new child’s home is from our school.

So brothers and sisters always get the first places and then the children who live nearest.

This is the same process for all children, including those who have moved into the area  and/or who need a place in an older age group or during the year.


To apply for a reception class place in our school you are required to apply online using the Bradford Council website found here.

A year group is full when it reaches the agreed number of children but more children could be allowed into school by the Headteacher and Governors, and allowed by the Council, if the school’s budget – accounts – need this or if there are insufficient school places in the area.

If a parent or carer asks for a place where the year group is full, or where all the classes are full, then their child’s name will be put on a waiting list, by the Local authority.

If another child leaves and a place becomes free in the middle of a term, then that place will be given to a child to start at the beginning of the following term, with the same list as above.

The Headteacher or senior staff will talk with new parent or carers about how it can upset a child’s progress to move schools.

The new parent or carers will always be asked to talk with the child’s previous Headteacher, we will contact the previous school and the parent or carer will be asked to complete a “transfer form” from the old school.

To change schools in the school year, please find the Primary In Year Application Form here.

Admission of Children with Disabilities:

All children have the same admission process managed by the Local Education Authority. The children are assessed before admission to school so that the authority and parents can decide on the best placement for the individual child.

If a new child has a disability, we like to meet with parents and nursery staff etc. before admission, so that we can draw up an individual education plan, if necessary, and prepare to meet the child’s needs well. The class teacher together with our Special Educational Needs coordinator then check how the plan is going in practice and work closely with parents and family to make sure they are doing well.

We work very hard to make sure that all children are treated well and respected and that no child with challenging behaviour disrupts any other child’s learning or enjoyment in school.

In-Year Admissions

‘In-year applications’ are defined as applications for admission to Reception which are submitted on or after the first day of the school year of admission, or applications for any other year group.

Our school is part of the Local Authority’s in-year co-ordination scheme for in-year admissions. Details of this scheme can be found online here In-year applications | Bradford Council or you can contact the School Admissions Team by emailing: or by telephoning 01274 439200.

Parents or carers living within the Bradford District who would like their child to move to our school should first contact their child’s current school to discuss the reasons for the transfer.

Recruitment Processes:

We only recruit through advertisements when we have a vacancy or when governors decide to change the staffing structure and create a new post.

All advertisements are posted on Bradford Schools Online.

However if you are interested in casual cleaning, lunchtime supervision or in volunteering then you will need to give your details into the office. Many people enjoy helping us out, so we have a waiting list, and we will contact you in the future.

Please note:

Before working in school in all posts and prior to any volunteer work you will need to complete a ‘DBS’ form – a Data Barring Service enhanced check – which will inform us if you have had any criminal/police involvement at any time in the past.

Admissions Policy