CEO – Exceed Academies Trust: Mr. Duncan Jacques
Headteacher: Ms Saima Bahadur
Horton Park Primary School, Dawnay Road,
Canterbury, Bradford, BD5 9LQ

Our School Vision

We aim to be an outstanding centre for education at the heart of a thriving community

Our School Mission Statement

This is the school where everyone learns to succeed

Our Shared Values

At our school we provide our children with the cultural capital they need to be successful in our thriving community and beyond.

We are Successful

Everything we teach promotes an enjoyment of learning through creativity and curiosity. The curriculum builds on and provides rich opportunities which embed resilience, confidence, and independence. An ambitious mindset with high expectations of everyone, benefits our diverse, thriving community today and in the future.

We Communicate Effectively

We want children to learn effective communication skills, which can be applied in a variety of social interactions with a diverse range of people. This helps children to understand the emotion and intentions behind the information they are sharing and enables them to relate better to people with cultural differences. These key skills deepen connections, have a clear purpose and allow children to be more reflective. We ensure that ALL pupils acquire a wide vocabulary, communicate effectively and build on foundations for future learning.

We Experience Opportunities

Learning opportunities and rich experiences provided to our children enables them to broaden their horizons and make positive life choices. These experiences extend thinking, promote problem-solving and encourage children to take risks and become more confident as individuals. Such opportunities support our children in being aware of the aspirational possibilities available to them now and in the future.

We are Inclusive

Everyone strives to ensure all children and families are welcomed and valued, and that they get the right support to help them develop their talents, life skills and achieve their aspirational goals. This collaborative approach supports the well-being of children and embeds a strong sense of belonging. At Horton Park our inclusive ethos ensures all children are respected, treated fairly and differences are celebrated and valued.


Our School Drivers


The ability to recover quickly from difficulties and to never give up!
Problem Solving

The process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues

A range of opportunities which will support to further enhance learning

Share and exchange information effectively with others

The technical vocabulary within the curriculum to demonstrate and enable children to talk with fluency
Mutual Respect

Developing strategies to collaborate with a range of people despite differences of opinions