CEO – Exceed Academies Trust: Mr. Duncan Jacques
Headteacher: Mrs Salma Rahman
Horton Park Primary School, Dawnay Road,
Canterbury, Bradford, BD5 9LQ

Horton Park Primary – Sport Premium Report 2013-2014

School Values

  • All in our school community are continually learning, valued and respected
  • We broaden horizons and explore opportunities to enable positive life choices
  • We use our resources ambitiously and responsibly

Reasons for PE/Sport

  • Strength, mobility, endurance
  • Healthy lifestyle including weight control (anti-obesity)
  • Social skills and fun!

Funding Use

  • Broaden our provision
  • Train staff for sustainability
  • Consolidate existing provision

The government has provided funding solely to improve the quality of sport and PE for all children.

Sporting Provision

Within the School Day:

‘Activate’ – 2 x 6 minutes x daily – exercises for alertness and concentration
2 hours of PE – one delivered by a specialist coach – Covers the National Curriculum across the year
Swimming for Year 5 – weekly – covers National Curriculum and distance swimming
Bikeability training for Y5/Y6 and Balance-ability for KS1/FS – safety and proficiency

Beyond the School Day:

Before: Breakfast Sports/Exercise Group
Lunch: Sports Activities Groups
After School: Voluntary clubs for KS1/ KS2 and Girls

Assessment of Progress in PE

Children are assessed within lessons/activities and annually in the report to parents

Funding Allocated by Government: £5,739                  Use of Funding

Start Date Activity Age GroupProvision Cost
13/14Sports Coach – teaching alongside staffAll age groupsImproved teaching and on-going staff training£18,000 p.a.
13/14Outdoor OrienteeringKS2Outdoor education HLTAStaff salary costs

£5,000 p.a.
13/14Outdoor MentoringUnderperforming UKS2 pupilsOutdoor education HLTAStaff salary costs

£5,000 p.a.
13/14ArcheryKS2 ClubOutdoor education HLTAStaff salary costs

£5,000 p.a.
13/14Cluster EventsTeams Y3-6Sports Coach and TA£500 p.a.
13/14Transport for eventsTeams Y3-6Sports Coach and TA£200 p.a.
13/14Lunchtime Sports ActivitiesAll age groupsSports Coach and LTS£1,000 p.a.
13/14Breakfast Club SportsAll age groupsSports CoachSalary costs as above
On-GoingAfter School Sports ClubsKS1,KS2School Staff – additional hours£500 p.a.